Ponyfinder Adventures! (Pathfinder 2e with Ponyfinder homebrew)

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To all who read this,

My name is Ivan Abilio, and a few friends and I are organizing a Pathfinder 2ed game of Ponyfinder (homebrew setting with playable and heroic ponies among other races) and we are searching for one or two players for a game in English. The game would happen in Budapest, on Thursday night once every two weeks, but we could try to rearrange dates to make it easier for you. Ideally, we will play in person, but we can also play online if needed (likely using Discord and Foundry VTT).

We would start with a short adventure for everyone to get to know each other, but if everything goes okay we hope to be able to extend the game further. You don't need any previous RPG experience to participate in this adventure, and we will have a Session 0 to explain all details, organize all characters, and discuss tone, limits, and general plans for the story. It will also be an opportunity for everyone to meet and see how everything goes, and can be done in a public place so everyone gets to know each other.

Character sheets, pens, erasers, and so on will be provided. If you are in any way interested, please feel free to contact me, I will be happy to answer any questions.

Either way, I wish you a good day,

My Best Regards.


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